Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thus idem for the other stages, and the final classification with Castelnaudary. The 10 first of this challenge will be rewarded by the Mizuno mark
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Hard, hard the weekend!! Indeed, after a good week of volume, Saturday special evening "animation" of the birthday of the Rene uncle, with 3h of sleep, the Sunday exit was enough coriace.
The first hour was terrible, I were not able to put to me in legs. Even in the wheels, I took the wind!?! I put some questions, namely curtailed the exit if I were also badly. Then at the end of one hour and of dust, I remade "cherry" and took my relays like everyone. One supported a little more than at the beginning and that reassured me to hear the colleagues commencaient to wedge. In short, 2h50 of bicycle and 85km to the meter with a cardiac average of 116, we connect with 30' very cool jogging to make a little us the legs in seen "Mizuno challenge"